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Brand Strategy and Design

What is the essence of your company? What core values do you want to convey to your customer?
Who is your customer, what do they value? All these questions come into play when dealing with branding and identity.
A brand can be defined as a name, logo, sign, symbol or design but it is larger than any one design element.
A brand engages your customer in a memorable and emotional way that portrays your company as the best option to fill their need and solve their problem.

Effective branding builds trust, credibility and loyalty. Branding should be clear, honest, simple, straight forward and consistent in its messaging.

Brand Services Include:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Rebranding

What's Your Story?

Developing Your Brand Strategy

Drilling down to the fundamentals of your company. We take a systematic approach to brand development.

Discovery Phase

We tease out the essence of your brand and how that translates into visual and textual branding.

Market Segmentation

Investigate brand positioning and the ideal target market. Break down the potential consumer groups.

Analytics and SWOT Analysis

Discover the market context and competitive landscape.

Brand Messaging

Formulation of brand messaging and strategy around your company’s unique value proposition.

Brand Design Icon

Iterative Design Process

Developing unique marketing collateral for your brand.


Unique By Design

Crafting Your Brand Identity

Whether you are crafting a new identity or refreshing an existing one, our team will work to develop the most effective brand message, strategy and design elements for your company.
This is an iterative process that builds on itself until the tone and design reflects the essential elements of a company.
We help to distinguish your brand from the competition through logos, taglines, color palettes, and brand videos to name a few methods.
We aim to create branding elements that are simple, informative and long lasting.

Developing brand assets such as:

  • Company Logos
  • Icons
  • Color Palettes
  • Brand Books
  • Tag Lines
  • Brand Videos
Consistent Brand Messaging

Multi-Channel Branding

Keeping your brand message consistent over multiple platforms and channels is essential to building brand identity.
Be it through print, web, social media or video, we develop the strategy and means to reach your customers over various mediums.
Campaigns are customized per platform with the overall brand identity prevalent in each implementation.

Brand Message Across Multiple Channels

Spread The Word

On brand no matter what platform.


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