Experiential Marketing

The Power of Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the way we interact with media, information and even each other.
They have the power to shift our behavior and envelop us in an entirely different world.
We see VR and AR as an exciting new platform for experience based marketing, and education.

We design and develop custom VR and AR experiences for marketers, brands and educators.
We specialize in interactive computer generated experiences that allow for a more active experience and endless narrative possibilities.

From product tours and virtual showrooms to interactive 3D learning tools, the power of VR and AR is palpable.
We are innovators experimenting with the very latest in virtual technologies.
We assist our clients in understanding the technology and what they can achieve in the medium.
With our creative experience, agency background and technical expertise, we guide our clients through their VR projects from conception to deployment.

VR/AR Technologies We Work With

Multiple platforms tailored to your project needs

Desktop VR

Fully Interactive Desktop VR

HTC Vive
Oculus Rift

Mobile VR

Google Cardboard
Google Daydream
Samsung Gear VR
Oculus Go

Augmented/Mixed Reality

Microsoft Hololens
Mobile AR apps: iOS & Android

Custom Built AR/VR

Using AR & VR in Your Marketing Campaign

VR is still a new medium and people are learning how to tell their stories in it as well as teaching the audience how to view it.
These AR/VR applications have been the most successful formats we've developed:

  • Virtual Showrooms
  • Virtual Tours
  • Product Demos
  • Branded Immersive Narratives
  • VR/AR Games
Learn how best to use AR/VR in your next marketing campaign
AR/VR Creative Process

End-to-End VR App Development

Our end-to-end VR production services will take your project from concept to development to deployment. With our team’s creative experience, agency background and technical expertise, we provide a broad knowledge base from which to deliver your VR or AR marketing project.

1. Creative Strategy

Our process starts with a deep dive into your product or service to understand its unique characteristics and target demographic. We then mock-up the VR/AR experience using 2D layouts of the environment and events.

2. Prototyping

Our next step is to create a simplistic version of the VR app for early testing and experimentation. We block out the most fundamental elements in a simplified environment to test the experience early and often.

3. Modeling & Development

We utilize 3D modeling tools and game engines to build out the experiences. Texturing and lighting of the environment is implemented to increase the visual quality.

4. UI/UX Design

The ability to interact with the VR environment is key to increasing the feeling of immersion. Interactive elements engage the user further into the app and hold their attention for longer, increasing dwell time and conversion rates.

5. Quality Control

Once the app is complete we test it across all platforms for bugs and latency issues to ensure a seamless experience. Focus groups test drive the app for the final time to catch any remaining issues.

6. Deployment

Whether launching on an app store or doing a custom installation on a tethered device, we assist you in launching your experience across all platforms: web, mobile and tethered.

Reach More Screens

3D Interactive Package: Model Once Use Everywhere

We strive to give you the best value for your marketing budget.
Our 3D Interactive package provides various deployment channels:

  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  • WebGL Interactive 3D Websites
  • 3D Mobile Apps
  • Animated Product Video
Integrated 3D Marketing
Integrated Marketing

Build once, use everywhere


Customized VR Viewer

VRnocular: Compact Cardboard VR Viewer

Our sister company, Kinmode has designed this sleek cardboard VR viewer. Use with any mobile device. Pops open in one easy step. See what VR is all about with this stylish VR cardboard device. Fully customizable with your own branding and logos.

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Recent AR/VR Projects

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Water Use VR App

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Wallabe Smart Wall AR App

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