Creating an integrated marketing campaign

Developing 3D elements once: implementing over multiple channels

Deliver immersive and engaging content across multiple platforms to increase sales and customer awareness.
Our service offerings allow you launch an integrated marketing campaign across various platforms.
This saves on development time, costs and allows for a larger audience.

Coming up with concepts that traverse multiple platforms is no easy task, but is essential for a cohesive marketing campaign.
From the inception of the project the visual concepts will weave through all mediums to create a unified campaign.

The way we achieve this is by optimizing the 3D models we build to be used over various mediums: video, virtual reality, web and mobile.
Elements from each medium are maintained throughout the different platforms.
Unify the user experience and create a consistent brand experience.

Scale your marketing campaign with our seamless marketing services.

virtual reality services

VR/AR Experiences

We develop immersive experiences that engross the viewer and deliver powerful marketing messages. We custom build each project to the needs of our client and their audience. 3D models and environments are optimized for the various VR and AR platforms to ensure seamless playback. We develop for all the major VR/AR platforms: Vive, Oculus, Cardboard, and Youtube 360 VR and Microsoft’s Hololens.

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VR/AR Experiences
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Interactive 3D Websites

Utilizing WebGL technology, we produce real-time rendered 3D interactive web experiences in the web browser. We can repurpose 3D models and environments used in the video and VR environments and incorporate them into interactive web experiences. Users can click and explore features of products, zoom in and pan around the products to understand how they function and their unique feature sets. Interactive 3D websites can be used for product launches and visualizations, infographics, and company reports, to name a few applications.

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Interactive 3D Websites

3D Mobile Apps

Mobile has become a ubiquitous delivery platform. We develop 3D interactive product visualization apps to deliver your content where your customers are. With mobile product libraries, your user can swipe through and zoom into products on their smart phones and tablets. Links to videos and other rich content can be included to provide an in-depth user experience.

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Interactive 3D Mobile Apps
video production services

Animated 3D Product Videos

We produce creative 2D and 3D animated videos to promote your product, as well as inform and educate your audience. Videos can be linked to from within mobile apps, interactive websites and even from within VR environments.

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Animated 3D Marketing Videos