Cisco’s AMP Threat Grid On Premise Overview Video

After having created Cisco’s AMP Threat Grid Cloud overview video, we were tasked to create a second video targeted at companies with very tight privacy regulations. This on-premise focused video incorporates the iconography from the first AMP Threat Grid video while also showing off the appliance that is used on-site.

It was important to portray the safety of the information being processed and the fact that everything stayed within the walls of the organization. We used the appliance itself and details on the motherboard to instill the sense of control the user has over the data at all times.

The Key Aspects We Covered

This video needed to clearly portray the safety and security of customer’s data while being analyzed on-premise within their organization. We used the physical security appliance and all its motherboard elements as a method to ground the visuals in the physical realm. The iconography developed for the first AMP Threat Grid video was continued into this video but placed in the environment of the appliance to make it clear that analysis happened on-site not in the cloud.

While developing the sequence of this video, we wanted to make the appliance look advanced and efficient and able to take on the most advanced attacks. We used the movement of the AMP cubes over the surface of the motherboard to create a feeling of speed and containment.


Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin


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