Cisco’s AMP Threat Grid Overview Video

Cisco needed an elegant way of showing off the features of their Advanced Malware Protection software solution in the cloud: AMP Threat Grid. They wanted to update their existing video in order to bring their messaging up to date and better showcase their product offering.

We took on the challenge of making advanced malware protection look slick and cool.

We decided to use a square motif as the central design theme, which then evolved into many cubes that created one massive grid, and the Threat Grid was born. We took the cloud concept and placed the grid above the network so it was clear we were speaking about a service that is not on-premise nor hardware based but a scalable, flexible cloud solution.

This video has been utilized on the website as a tool to educate customers about the benefits and features of AMP Threat Grid.

The Key Aspects We Covered

It was important that the viewer understand that this software was happening in a cloud environment. Instead of creating the silhouette of a cloud we chose to keep the square cube design element but positioned it the upper part of the frame. The morphing of the disparate boxes into the organized structure of the grid helped enforce the idea of making sense out of all the information being generated by the security software.

In creating the visual elements of this video, we took the main features of the AMP Threat Grid software and translated them into concrete actions and movements. For example, we took the idea of correlation and animated a sorting movement of individual boxes containing malware.

We utilized a technique that enabled us to control all the many individual boxes so we could morph and shape the grid however we liked.


Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin


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