Cisco ASA 5506-X Overview Video

Defend Against Today’s Attacks

When Cisco came to us wanting to re-launch their industry lauded ASA Firewall technology we happily jumped at the project. Cisco had been gradually building up their security portfolio and was ready to launch a revised and updated firewall product that would appeal to small and medium sized businesses.

The ASA 5506-X model has a sleek exterior design by Pininfarina, the same designer that works with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, so we decided to use the hexagon design element throughout the video as a symbol of strength and protection.

We focused both on the re-tooling of the hardware itself as well as the benefits and features of the firewall. In the end we had a sleek overview video that ended up on the Cisco homepage.

We followed this video up with two more videos in the same product line as well as an interactive WebGL desktop application and mobile app for use by sales teams and customers alike.

In the age where we are all connected and even our refrigerators connect to the Internet, security products like these are going to only become more necessary.





Cisco ASA Firewall
Video Marketing Campaign


Cisco Security

What We Did

Concept, Script Writing, 3D Modeling/Texturing,
Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Design


Cisco 5506-X Overview Video
Cisco 5506x campaign
Motivating Via Design

Developing The Concept

Our client came to us with some distinct inspirational elements that we used as starting points for our conceptual strategy. We wanted to include elements that portrayed the capabilities of the firewall: visibility, protection and ease of management.

It was also important to portray the potential devastation that a cyber attack can have on a  business, hence the destruction and fracturing of the buildings in the introduction.

The spiky firewall moment became something of a trademark for this device among the Cisco sales team, and is even used as the image for this video on Cisco’s YouTube channel.

Cisco Ruggedized Product Video

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Cisco Rack Mount Product Video

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Building A Brand Message

3-Video Marketing Campaign

This video is part of a 3 video campaign that highlights the five small to medium sized firewall products as well as a couple of products directed at the larger enterprise. Each video needed to appeal to a different target audience with different security requirements.

This ASA 5506-X overview video was targeted more at the small and medium sized business. We played up the ease of use of the product as security teams are typically over burdened in smaller organizations.

This video has been used on the website to provide an overview of the product and its benefits. It has also been used at various events to attract attention and promote the product. It has received thousands of views on both and YouTube, promoting sales and boosting awareness.

Integrated Marketing

Multi-Pronged Campaign: Video, WebGL & VR

In addition to the series of 3 marketing videos we leverage the video assets to build out a 3D mobile app and a Virtual Reality experience to introduce the user to the library of Cisco Firewalls.

Built using WebGL technology along with HTML5, the experience allows you to interact directly with the model using either your mouse or your finger: zoom in, spin it around, take the lid off and explore the interior.
Hotspot labels enable you to find out more information about specific components: for example, specific internal hardware, the exterior ports, and the overall functionality of the firewall device.

In addition there are numerous links to external resources such as data sheets and use cases as well as links to product videos we produced for each product.

You can quickly share or embed the product experience via a universal URL, providing marketing and sales teams with a powerful selling tool.

In addition to the 3D interactive app we created a virtual reality experience that users could use with cardboard handheld devices. The VR app lets the user peer into the firewalls and see the device as if it were right in front of them.

See Cisco's Interactive 3D Product Tour: Best Viewed in Chrome

See Cisco's VR App

Cisco WebGL Interactive Desktop App

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