Cisco’s Rack Mounted Firewall Overview Video

As the final video as part of a series of animated overview videos for Cisco, this video specifically targets the needs of the small to medium sized business with more demanding data flows. It was important to visualize the idea of having a larger organization with increasing data flows so we created a cityscape and a server room to put the firewall in a context that its user would relate to.

The firewall technology infused into the hardware is a visual motif used throughout this series of videos to represent the relaunch of Cisco’s advanced offering.

The firewall device sits at the center of a whirling amount of data and streams of information coming from the many endpoints that make up the complex network of a larger organization.

The Key Aspects We Covered

As the third in the series of overview videos for Cisco’s ASA with FirePOWER Services firewalls, it was important to define how this device was unique while still maintaining the visual motifs we had set up in the previous two videos.

The context and environment was important, so we placed the firewall in a larger organization represented by tall office buildings that made up a larger cityscape. Data moves freely between all these buildings and you see the lines of interactivity through out the video.

The look and feel of the city was most important to the message of this animated video. The city needed to look advanced and modern. Keeping the city looking designed and graphic made for a sleek environment that made for an ideal backdrop to the firewall device.


Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin
Ben Leonardi


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