Cisco’s Ruggedized Security Appliance Overview Video

As part of a series of animated overview videos for Cisco, this video specifically targets the industrial infrastructure market’s need for better cyber security. Incorporating the larger campaign design elements of the hexagon shape and the spiky protection that evolves out of the device, this video specifically shows the tough conditions that appliances must operate.

We utilized the expansive landscape of hills and snow-capped mountains to give the feeling of remoteness and touch environmental conditions. The environment is surrounded by fields of data represented by the discs of particles that surround the structures.

The firewall device sits between the critical infrastructure and the threats coming in from the network and internet as a whole. It stands like a sentinel warding off oncoming attacks.

The Key Aspects We Covered

While conceptualizing this video, we knew that the main themes of harsh  and remote environments needed to take center stage. Using cold colors and landscapes we portrayed the idea of difficult, remote environments that need protection from sophisticated cyber attacks.

The steel tubes of the physical infrastructure that connect the cities to critical resources also represent the flow of information that can potentially be compromised resulting in a crippling loss of physical security. The threat to security, both physical and digital were blended in the visual elements of the refinery and its pipes along with the discs of digital information that surround it.

“The data will flow along discs like the rings of Saturn”. Yes, that is what we heard ourselves saying as we pitched our concept for this project.

And data did indeed flow around, through and into the critical infrastructure portrayed in this animated overview video.  Particles of data stream through the video giving it its dynamic feel.


Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin
Ben Leonardi


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