Raven[Ops] Landing Page Animated Product Video

DevOps for Robotics Comes To Life

Raven[Ops] came to us to create a comprehensive animated product video for their website landing page. As part of the website development and design, we crafted several original animated content videos to bring the website alive.
Raven[Ops] develops software to manage the development of robotics. Our challenge was to show the practical use case and how the software functions to benefit development teams.

We created a real-world example with a delivery robot as the main character. We modeled the character with large wheels and rounded lines to provide the robot with personality. The robot travels from its base station through the city streets and runs into obstacles that need to be navigated: from construction sites to crosswalks and cars. User interfaces were animated to illustrate how robotics development teams use the software to ingest, organize and make sense of the massive amount of data that robotics generate every day.

The video elements have been used in various ways, from landing pages on the website to presentations for investors and clients.




Raven[Ops] Animated Product Video



What We Did

Character Design, Modeling & Texturing, Animation


Website Design & Content Creation

Website Design

Crafting a Unique Online Presence with Animation

In addition to the animated product video, we produced a responsive website to highlight the company’s products, team and clients.

The product page was of top importance to Raven[Ops]. We used the product page to take the viewer through each stage of the development process. We crafted several product vignette videos to show how the software works. As the user scrolls down the product page on the website a new video vignette is triggered that depicts each step in the process.

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