Spire Global Animated Product Video

Global Data For High Impact Insights

Spire is a global data and analytics company that leverages proprietary satellite technology to forecast the weather, and track maritime and aviation movements.

Spire uses an elegant technology called radio occultation to collect global data using GPS signals and their network of low-earth orbit satellites.

They were re-launching their website and wanted a clear and visual way to explain radio occultation technology. The need for 3D animation was clear. We utilized cloud simulations to visualize weather patterns, graphical geometric overlays to describe the science behind radio occultation, and dynamic data visualization animations to show how Spire’s technology brings meaningful insights to industries around the globe.

The final video is featured on the Spire Global home page and their various social channels to drive interest and educate their customers and investors.



Spire Global Radio Occultation Product Video


Spire Global

What We Did

Script Writing, Animation, Video Production, Sound Design


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