The Tube Music Network Pinball Branding Video

Building The Language Of A Brand Through Motion Graphics

This branding video for the Tube Music Network was developed entirely in 3D animation. Special attention was paid to the rendering of the surfaces and reflections making the pinball machine look hyper-real. The buzzing, whirring, and pinballs flying, create an energetic and lively branding video. It reflects the fun and energetic ethos of the brand.

Working with the Tube Network logo of arranged circles, we came up with various mechanisms to reveal the logo. The pinball machine was especially fun with the levers and lights blinking and pushing the pinball forward. The device of the pinball machine worked well as a way to express the ethos of the brand.

Working in 3D animation we modeled and textured the pinball machine and pinball to appear as close to real as possible. The pinball reflects the scene around it. The camera angles and moves create great movement and energy from one part of the machine to the next.

This channel branding video is part of a series of videos Neumatic developed to establish the brand identity for The Tube Music Network. The videos establish the brand as fun and energetic with a healthy dose of nostalgia.





The Tube Music Channel Branding
Pinball Video


The Tube Music Network

What We Did

Concept, Animation, Motion Graphics
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The Tube Music Network Branding Campaign

A Series Of Motion Graphic Branding Videos

The Tube: Seismic

Music on the richter scale.

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The Tube: Radar

Picking up good music on the scopes.

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The Tube: Refraction

Psychedelic refractions play with the mind.

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