The Tube Music Network Radar Branding Video

Detecting A Brand Through Visual Metaphor

This branding video for the Tube Music Network used the concept of radar systems; with the blips of incoming airplanes eventually forming the Tube logo.

Working off the logo, we created several videos riffing off of the theme of circles. We wanted to find unique ways to reveal the logo where the viewer would not expect what was coming. The Radar mechanism was perfect for such an effect. The blips on the screen begin to form the logo of the network until all of the blips line up to make the logo appear. The Radar gives the video an industrial and somewhat vintage feel of an age past. The Tube Music Network focused on music from past decades so the concept married well with the brand.

Working with a familiar mechanism of the radar we were able freely manipulate the contents on the radar screen to build out the logo for the Tube Network. Lighting and timing were important as was the sound design to the effectiveness of the video. We had only fifteen seconds to build the logo and we needed the viewer to quickly register the context and then focus on the logo reveal.

The Radar branding vidoe is part of a larger series of branded videos that make up the Tube Music Network Channel branding campaign.





The Tube Music Channel Branding
Radar Video


The Tube Music Network

What We Did

Concept, Animation, Motion Graphics
Sound Design


The Tube Music Network Branding Campaign

A Series Of Motion Graphic Branding Videos

The Tube: Pinball

Pinballs whiz by to make up the logo.

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The Tube: Seismic

Branding off the richter scale.

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The Tube: Refraction

Psychedelic refractions play with the mind.

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