The Tube Music Network Seismic Branding Video

This branding video for the Tube Music Network uses a seismograph to print out the Tube logo during an earthquake. We used the metaphor of an earthquake and its waves to symbolize the intensity and impact of music. This video is part of a series of channel branding videos we produced for the Tube Music Network.

The Key Aspects We Covered

This channel branding video is part of a series of videos Neumatic developed to establish the brand identity for The Tube Music Network. Music has a huge impact on the listener. The metaphor of an earthquake shaking the ground underneath you to the power and effect of music worked well for the channel’s brand.

The idea that the ground itself was emanating waves to spell out the Tube Network logo was quite impactful. Music as a force of nature is what we wanted to portray.

Simplicity is key when developing these channel branding videos. With limited time to establish the logo and portray a tone and feeling we need to be efficient with the animation and limit the movement. The seismograph device allowed for a stationary camera that focused on the developing logo. The reveal ended up working quite well.


The Tube Music Network
Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Animation/Sound Design:
Ben Leonardi


The Tube Network Branding Campaign

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The Tube Music Network Refraction Branding Video

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