Wovenmedia Product Overview Video

Making The User Interface Shine

Wovenmedia is a cloud based video network that allows its users to program their own internal channels. They offer a wide array of content as well as delivery mechanism via their unique software platform. Wovenmedia wanted a snappy landing page video that quickly described their service and highlighted the advantages of their web-based platform. It was important to show the actual interface and showcase the variety of content they have available to their users.

Utilizing graphic text, original 3D animated elements and live-action partner video content, we created a snappy motion graphics piece that displayed one of Wovenmedia’s products: WovenContent. The ribbon branding element was created in 3D using partner content textures to make up the material of the ribbon, giving it a film-strip quality.

User Interface elements from the software were animated to show interaction and functionality of the WovenContent platform. Giving the viewer a good idea of what to expect when using the WovenMedia platform.

Music was important to the success of the video as well. We sourced a track that had the right pace and feeling which kept the video moving forward. In the end, the video is informative and fun, quickly and simply describing the strengths and capabilities of Wovenmedia’s WovenContent platform.





WovenContent Product Launch Video



What We Did

Animation, Motion Graphics
Sound Design


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