Virtual Reality and 3D Interactive Experiences

Immersion Through Innovation

Virtual Reality and Interactive 3D experiences provide a uniquely compelling and captivating experience. Virtual Reality (or VR for short) has finally come of age. It’s not just for the techie and the gamer but is becoming a consumer friendly platform for entertainment and media. We see it as a new platform for marketing, branded entertainment and education. From product tours and launches to interactive 3D learning tools the power of VR and Interactive 3D is palpable. When experiencing something close to how you experience it in the real world, your whole body becomes engaged. The physiological and psychological response to VR experiences stay ingrained in your memory longer making even the softest call to action more effective over traditional marketing efforts. VR and Interactive 3D are creative tools with huge potential to grab audience attention above all the other media noise.

Virtual reality capabiliites
Virtual Reality Environment

Creating The Environment

First we need to create the world in which the viewer will be inhabiting through their virtual reality experience. In order to be truly immersive, the quality of the environmental elements and models must be optimal. We create models and characters in 3D and then optimize those models to run smoothly on the VR platform be it Oculus, Vive or Cardboard. Without an effective, vibrant environment, VR has little interest. We work to marry the look of the environment to your brand and your messaging.

Virtual Reality User Experience

User Experience and User Interaction for VR

As virtual reality becomes a more prevalent medium, user experiences will continue to develop alongside the technology. VR is more than just a 3D version of 2D video, it is a whole new way of consuming media. With this comes a need for new visual and experiential vocabularies and symbols. We continue to experiment with new modes of interaction and strive to find the best solution for the user.  From utilizing gaze interaction to working with peripheral attachments we work to create an experience that is simple, seamless and intuitive. Depending on the intent of the VR project be it emotional impact or PR, we design an experience that best suits the desired outcome. The platform the experience will be developed on, PC vs. mobile, will also impact the level of immersion needed. The user interface also must be addressed anew as traditional gaming interfaces do not work well within VR. Text and overlays must be treated as part of the 3D environment at the same depth as the elements around it. And as always, our motto is to test soon and often.

mulit-platform virtual reality

Multi-Platform Development

There are more ways than one to consume VR from a hardware/software perspective. You have Oculus and Vive which are PC based and both tethered systems and you have a more mobile experience that Google Cardboard provides. Both platforms have their benefits and drawbacks and we direct our clients in choosing the best option for what they want to achieve. We develop for both the PC and mobile platforms. Considerations around optimization of models and lighting become critical when developing for mobile but are equally important in optimizing the experience for the PC (ie. Oculus, Vive). Considerations around user experience are also important depending on which platform you are developing for.


VRnocular Cardboard VR Viewer

Neumatic's sister company, Kinmode, has designed and created this sleek cardboard VR viewer. It is easy to assemble. One quick step and it is up and running. See what VR is all about.

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