Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection Overview Video

Identity based attacks such as Business Email Compromise are becoming increasingly common and damaging to companies. This 3D animated overview video for Cisco is intended to educate the viewer on the problem of advanced phishing attacks and introduce a new service offering within Cisco Email Security: Advanced Phishing Protection.

We used visuals related to identity such as facial recognition and fingerprint detection to depict the idea of identity based attacks.
The solution was portrayed through relational icons of senders and receivers as well as global analytics.

The Key Aspects We Covered

With every new video, we provide our clients with script writing capabilities to best highlight their product and services. We work along side the marketing and sales teams to craft the message that best suits their audience. In this video it was important to educate the viewer around the new phishing techniques that utilize identity deception. We took the first part of the script to explain the problem and the risk it poses to companies.

We played off the concepts of identity and deception when conceiving of the visual mechanisms for this overview video. Using the idea of facial recognition and finger print detection we used that as a way to signify identity.

We use 3D and 2D animation and motion graphics techniques to achieve the look and feel of this video. Getting the right amount of emails to fly around the frame without overwhelming the composition was a key factor.


  • Creative Director: Ben Leonardi
  • Executive Producer: Kate Martin


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