Everdeep Skin Care Product Demo Animation

Zooming Into The Algae Cell

Algenist was establishing their new brand Everdeep, and wanted to communicate the science and research behind their product. This animated sequence was part of a longer product video with Jessica Beals as the spokesperson. The animation explains the patented formula containing the algae-derived complex, Algasome™. The internal depiction of the patented complex portrays the rich nutrients found in the Algasome™ complex such as antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids.

It was important to make the depiction of the complex look scientific but still welcoming. Colorization and lighting were essential to making the inner cell elements look believable and yet appealing graphically and aesthetically. The final animation was used throughout the longer product video and used on the product website.

We wanted to represent the relationship between algae and the Algasome ™ complex and provide an overall tone of science and technological advances. We utilized a 3D animated lab environment and pushed the camera through a beaker into a strand of algae. Next we emulated what it would look like to move around inside of a cell at a microscopic level.

Close-up refractions of the oily interior of the algae cell made for beautiful animation.





Everdeep Product Visualizations



What We Did

3D Modeling/Texturing, Animation


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