Gillette Venus Breeze Commercial Video

Razors Never Looked So Good

Shooting live action video with our programmable motion control robot, we shot the Venus razor from various angles. We then composited the text and other design elements on top of the footage to create a seamless blend of motion elements. Delicate colors and camera moves create a graceful TV commercial spot for Venus.

Utilizing a programmable six axis robotic arm, we were able to shoot the Gillette Venus razor from various angles. The live-action assets were then married to motion graphics that moved along with the movement of the live-action footage.

The elegant lines of the product and the packaging were echoed in the motion graphic elements of this video. Fluttering swaths of color and graceful logo builds create a feminine and gentle tone to this commercial video that played on screens in Costco retail outlets across the country.

A razor never looked so sexy.






Gillette Venus Breeze
Retail Commercial Video



What We Did

Motion Control, Animation, Motion Graphics


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