High Fidelity Social VR for Education

Virtual Education With Your Peers

High Fidelity came to us to craft this animated video to highlight the opportunities for virtual reality to make a difference to the online educational field. As education moves to online and distance platforms, virtual reality can act as the missing social piece that students experience when learning digitally.

We wanted to emphasize the unique abilities of virtual reality to take students places they could never go in real life, like the surface of the moon. It was also important to show the social connection that virtual reality provides students that are learning in geographically separate locations. We wanted to be device agnostic, so the video could age well with evolving technology. The VR experience was visualized in a couple of ways: on individual discs with viewing screens, through first person perspective shots and through classroom scenes where all the students are together in one space.

High Fidelity is a social virtual reality platform. They are a dedicated open source platform promoting the building and sharing of social virtual experiences.




High Fidelity Social VR Education


High Fidelity

What We Did

Concept, Script Writing, Animation, Video Production, Sound Design


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