Cisco NGFW Portfolio Marketing Video

Firewalls With Mid-Century Flare

Cisco offers a wide range of cyber security products. Their next-generation firewalls are highly rated by independent NSS Labs. They offer various devices to accommodate businesses no matter what their size.

This animated product video is meant to be a family portrait of the overall Cisco product line of NGFWs. For this animated video, we took a lighter approach to the content, placing the visuals in a friendly mid-century modern look. Devices such as rolling marbles and miniaturized helicopters punctuate the cityscape. Each line of NGFWs is highlighted to emphasize its benefits as they relate to the small and medium sized business as well as the enterprise.

Color blocking, text and shadow work together to compose the frame and accentuate the Cisco NGFW product line.





Cisco NGFW Portfolio
Marketing Video


Cisco Security

What We Did

Concept, Design, Script Writing,
Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Design


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