Natel Energy Product Demo Video

Hydropower Product Visualization

Natel Energy wanted to portray their groundbreaking hydropower technology using a product demo video. Their clients were having difficulty visualizing the way their new technology was functioning and they needed a device to explain the unique movement of their engine. The hydroEngine™ was carefully modeled and textured in 3D to replicate the technical specs of the actual engine. Then, working from scientific fluid dynamics simulations, we replicated the flow of water through the blades to show how the moving water created motion in the hydroEngine™.

It was important to accurately portray the functioning of the hydroEngine™. We utilized particle data representations and translated these into particle systems that flowed through the blades of the engine. In order to show the flow of water, the movement of the water was represented via the bubbles in the water.

The resulting video told the technical story in a clear and concise manner, aiding their sales and marketing teams.





Natel Energy Product Video


Natel Energy

What We Did

3D Modeling/Texturing, Animation, Motion Graphics
Sound Design


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