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Video For Web Presence And Lead Generation

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Reel Grobman was looking for a way to expand their web presence, increase lead generation and aid hiring efforts.
They decided a web video would bring their company story to life and attract new viewers to their website.

Shooting on location at their San Jose office, we used a mixture of employee and client testimonials to exemplify the culture and professionalism of the company.We wanted to highlight the atmosphere and ethos of the company to potential clients and new hires. B-roll at the agencies office showed off the way the company works and how people collaborate with each other.

The end purpose of this promotional video was to attract new clients and customers to Reel Grobman. While editing the video it became important to isolate the most essential points and aspects of the company to draw out the most motivational comments and moments from the footage. Using b-roll footage and stills from previous projects helped to showcase the company’s portfolio of work.

The end result was a video that clearly defines who they are as a company and why they are unique.

It has proved to be an excellent marketing tool.





Reel Grobman
Website Promotional Video


Reel Grobman

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Live-Action Shooting, Editing


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