Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Email Security

Cyber Security For A Mobile Workforce

Cisco AMP for Email Security protects the growing mobile workforce by continuously monitoring and analyzing email. We took a clean, simple, graphic approach to this overview video to clearly depict the cyber security challenges faced by modern business. This short overview video quickly takes the viewer through the main capabilities of AMP for Email Security.

A simple, vibrant palette was, chosen to emphasize the power of AMP for Email Security. Geometric shapes make up the motion graphic elements, while bold transitions keep the video moving forward.

This 2D motion graphics overview video keeps the visuals simple while emphasizing the messaging and concepts around the product. Cyber security can be complicated so we kept the visual simple and iconographic. Geometric shapes such as the hexagon are used to indicate strength and protection, and hub and spoke elements signify the interconnected network elements.

The animation has a quick and light aspect to it, emphasizing the ease of use of the software






Cisco AMP For Email Security


Cisco Security

What We Did

Concept, Script Writing, Animation,
Motion Graphics, Sound Design


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