AT&T Global Capabilities Event Video

AT&T approached us to create a conference video that would be presented to its sales specialists, the catch, a very tight deadline.
With only a month for concept development and execution, we worked carefully through the pre-production phase to ensure the quality and timeliness of the work. Working with the theme of the globe logo, we created a vibrant graphical representation of global business and economy, emphasizing the unique capabilities of AT&T.

The video was awarded a 35th Annual Silver Telly Award for Internet/Online Video in the Telecommunications category.

The Key Aspects We Covered

We worked with the AT&T brand colors and iconography to create an inspiring video highlighting the capabilities of AT&T’s software and hardware. Playing with the ideas of the globe and connections, we worked with circles, dots, and rings to communicate the idea of movement, networks and technical capabilities.

In conceiving this video, we were working with the global concept and the connected networked points across the globe. The globe motif quickly become central to the animation with movement initiated from emanated rings and swipes that represent the network. The camera moves in and out from close-up views on the surface of the planet to very wide views of the globe.


Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi
Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin
Ben Leonardi


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