Cisco Defense Orchestrator Product Overview Video

Cisco Security developed a new cloud-based solution for managing security policy changes across Cisco security devices and needed marketing and branding elements to tell their story. We focused on the idea of having a central hub that distributes information easily via the cloud. Using elegant iconography moving in simple ways, we described the main features of the software and how it makes life easier for the network operations team.

The Key Aspects We Covered

Cisco Security was originating this new product and needed branding elements and iconography to tell their story. We focused on the idea of orchestration, managing devices from a central cloud location. With a central hub that emanates policies from a single place, we created a satellite system around a central sphere to represent the distribution of Cisco security devices across a business network. Simple representative icons such as clouds, spectacles and clocks tell the story in a brisk, succinct fashion.

Using simple graphic elements with a limited palette, it was important to choreograph and think about each transition and the final landing image for each point in the story. Each scene visually leads to the next moving the story along.


Client: Cisco
Agency: Neumatic Digital
Creative Director: Ben Leonardi
Director: Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer: Kate Martin
Animation: Stanley Segal
Sound Design: Kate Martin


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