Blackrabbit Logo Design

Finding The Visual Voice For A Mischievous Brand

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Blackrabbit was launching a new brand of street clothing with a rebellious spirit. We helped launch their brand providing them a brand logo for their website and clothing line. The brand represents an authentic street vibe that is a bit mischievous.

The company name is a play on the Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” lyric.
We started with the logo font; choosing and styling the font to best represent the grittiness of the brand. Next we moved on to the graphical logo design, which went through several design iterations.

We started off with a tough vibe, but gradually morphed the design into a simple silhouette that would fit nicely on baseball caps and t-shirts. The final logo had a classic feel to it, something that could stick around for a while. It was a great process and fun to work with such an inspired brand.


Blackrabbit Logo Design



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