Vantage PR Logo Re-branding

Refreshing a brand

Vantage PR is a boutique San Francisco public relations company that focuses on the technology industry from mobile and telecom to cleantech and biotech clients. As occasional referral partners, we offered to take a stab at refreshing their logo. As an internal project we presented several takes on the logo treatment. Playing with the shape of the letter V, we translated that into a visual metaphor for growth and upward movement that the company provides to its clients.

The Key Aspects We Covered

We wanted to create clean and simple iconography for PlanetEcosystems that would quickly communicate the solutions their software offers. The icons needed to be friendly and approachable yet still professional as the iconography would be used in both B2B and B2C markets.

In designing the icons, we wanted to create a visual language that communicated the brand concepts quickly and simply.


Vantage PR
Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi


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