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Video For The Cloud App Market

Funambol is a leading developer of white-label cloud based software services. They wanted to educate the end user of the benefits and unique product offerings of their service.

Being white-label, the video needed to be adaptable to the individual market of each of Funambol’s clients. While conceiving this video, we decided that the context should be strongly rooted in the way the end user uses the cloud service. We used examples throughout the video of scenarios where OneMediaHub would be most helpful. Taking the perspective of the user allowed for various environments from a vacation in Paris to a doctor’s office, to the commute to work. Each scenario was targeted at a sector of the services end users.

Finding the best way to personalize the video was key to getting the message across. We created a main character that was symbolic of the user who was more graphical than realistic. With a cool color palette, we follow the main character through each scenario.

In the end, we produced a fully animated video from the perspective of the end-user. We placed the story line in the context of every day applications of the Funambol service from photo sharing to document retrieval. The video has since gone on to be adapted to the German market and is slated to be adapted for a British audience.





OneMedia Hub Product Video



What We Did

Concept, 3D Modeling/Texturing, Animation,
Motion Graphics, Sound Design


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