Funambol White Label Overview Video

Video For Sales And Business Development Teams

Funambol is a leading developer of white-label cloud based software services. They wanted to educate their commercial venders of the benefits and unique product offerings of their service. We produced a fully animated video that would be used on their website and for sales and business development purposes.

The video is intended to be a sales and marketing tool for Funambol’s customers, who are typically large telecom companies and mobile service providers. We worked to clearly explain how the cloud service works and the advantages it gives a company in the eyes of its customers. It was important to differentiate the cloud service from other competing products.

We also wanted to show how the cloud would benefit the user in their day to day life. Utilizing simple graphic elements, we detailed how the service works and then how the service can aid the user. We used the software interface composited inside devices to show how the software is easy to manipulate and use.





Funambol White Label Video



What We Did

Script Writing, 3D Modeling, Animation,
Motion Graphics, Sound Design


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