National Semiconductor SolarMagic Product Demo Video

National Semiconductor tasked Neumatic to introduce and highlight the benefits of their new photovoltaic controller module, SolarMagic. Neumatic went about building out an entire animated 3D environment: house, garden, solar panels and all, to create the promotional video. Once all the elements were built, the continuous camera movement was animated to follow the movements of the sun over a single day depicting the benefits of SolarMagic technology.

The Key Aspects We Covered

While building out the environment for this video, we paid close attention to the lighting and the movement of the sun over the house and the solar panels. The SolarMagic module helps extend the use time of solar panels even when the conditions are not ideal such as on cloudy days or when the panels are partially covered. We used elements such as the falling leaves to simulate a situation when the module would be put to work.


National Semiconductor

SolarMagic Module
Creative Director:
Ben Leonardi

Neumatic Digital
Executive Producer:
Kate Martin
Ben Leonardi


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