Miami Nightlife Documentary Trailer

What started as a Red Bull sponsored side-project during graduate school on the beaches of Miami’s notorious South Beach became a full fledged documentary project. The stories we heard and the people we met were fascinating. The documentary focuses on the nightlife scene of notorious Miami Beach from the Capone years of the 1930s to the present.

The Key Aspects We Covered

We coordinated all the locations and interviews in order to capture all of the footage needed to build our story. Shooting in and around Miami Beach was exciting as we had a view of the behind the scenes workings of the clubs and restaurants that make up the notorious South Beach party scene. We conducted several interviews with veteran club owners which formed the backbone of this promotional trailer.

With hours of b-roll footage and quality interviews, it was important to carefully sift through the content to build an effective trailer that would grab the attention of the viewer quickly. The content was rich with stories and enticing b-roll footage. Pulling together the trailer was a fun project indeed.


Red Bull North America

Kate Martin
Kate Martin


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